It’s bold! It’s beautiful! It’s handmade in England!

I am passionate about fashion, fabrics, textures and colour – I love colour blocking and pattern mixing, pairing the old with the new, matte with shine – the magic is in the mix – everything that CrushCube is and more .. definitely not your normal hefty humdrum ‘off the shelf’ product!


I like challenging conventional thinking and design has always been in the background while bringing up four sons. CrushCube came about because extra seating was needed and with a growing family it had to be strong and practical too. As the only female in the house I had to stamp my mark on it and I think and hope you will agree it has character, style and appeal as well as being practical.

Still not convinced?

CrushCube is a handmade furniture cube with attitude! All Cubes are one-offs and have a removable cover to boot which makes for easy restyling and refreshing! The guts of the cube create a Herculean base for extra seating for family gatherings or forunexpected guests while remaining light and portable! Still not convinced? This stylish cube looks great grouped together to create an original and inspired coffee table or stacked up high to create a truly novel and creative wall!


Right on trend and stylish!  Accessories are key to effortless interiors so add colour and make a statement with a CrushCube – dedicated to the most fashionable! CrushCube can be the starting point or the finishing touch – like a pair of shoes it can complete an outfit or throw it off balance! Each CrushCube comes with its own colourful story! Why not invest in a bold print for maximum effect.

Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, check out the Bespoke section where you can select fabric that is specific to you and coordinate your CrushCube with your interiors. Just contact me and together we can create your very own exclusive CrushCube you won’t find anywhere else!

Happy viewing!



Can I supply my own fabric?

Yes. A charge of £40 will be made for upholstery.

Can you supply fabric other than that offered on the website?

Certainly, however a nominal charge for VAT and delivery will be made.

Can you advise on design, colours, textures, etc?

Gladly – dependent on distance a nominal charge may be made for consultation.

For all of the above and any other questions or advise, please email us at inspired@crushinteriors.co.uk