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How amazing are these colours?! No I hear you say! Are you mad!


I have used these colours and more as inspiration for my latest SPRING/SUMMER Collection of CrushCushions – coming out soon on!

You will be first to see them – promise!

If cushions are not your thing, and you’ve been dying to change the colour of an old vase/bowl/candle stick let these colours shine through your scheme and add a bit sparkle. An easy way to achieve this is through paint. No brushes needed. Simply spray! Start off by spraying a thin layer and build it up a layer at a time and create your own personalised accessory. Happy spraying.

I’m going to do three candle sticks – watch this space and let’s compare x


This is the time to think about refreshing the old paint on the walls or choosing a completely different colour scheme. It’s like buying a new pair of shoes for an already worn outfit – it changes the look completely!

Whether you choose Spring pastels or a darker hue or simply go for the minimal look and choose white, first look at the furniture you already have and think how you can work in the new colour to balance out the finished look.

It might be a case of simply moving furniture around to tie in the new scheme or it might be a case of painting existing furniture to give it new life or, simply adding a few accessories like new cushions.

Let your imagination run wild, be unqiue and take inspiration from the world of fashion! The prints and colours out there are fantastic and if you are having trouble choosing I will be more than happy to help. Call Francesca on 07799885796 or email or go onto for inspiration.

In the meantime here are a few designs of mine that might stir the ole juices.






Dress your floor with vibrant prints, bold prints, textures and of course stunning fabrics! Don’t be afraid to mix it up and dare to do pattern!

CrushCube is not just a ‘pretty thing’ it lives up to its tag of being a multi functional accessory. Let me list them for you –


The trusty companion.

Choose your favourite at


Sourcing vintage/retro fabrics has become my latest fad – just loving it … beautiful abstract prints that hold good today or colourful florals that Aunty Betty would have donated her housekeeping for.

This is the latest Collection at but of course it’s not me just to use one fabric! I’ve set them alongside lovely Designers Guild’s fabrics to create unique, useable covers.

Here are a few to get your taste buds going (the full range has yet to be put onto the website but you can view them on my facebook page in the meantime





Here are images of CrushCube at work in the work place!


Cirkle, a lovely PR company, commissioned ten CrushCubes and two CrushCouches for their brain storming room!

The owner of the company wanted something original, colourful, comfortable and moveable! CrushCube has worked a treat –  ”The team simply love
them and they have definitely contributed to us feeling more creative in our
office environment.”


The Designers Guild fabrics are eye catching and certainly colourful and the zipped covers enable the client to restyle and maintain them.

What do you think? AreYOU brave enough to install a CrushCube or two in your space? Check out or to see the latest instalments.