This is the time to think about refreshing the old paint on the walls or choosing a completely different colour scheme. It’s like buying a new pair of shoes for an already worn outfit – it changes the look completely!

Whether you choose Spring pastels or a darker hue or simply go for the minimal look and choose white, first look at the furniture you already have and think how you can work in the new colour to balance out the finished look.

It might be a case of simply moving furniture around to tie in the new scheme or it might be a case of painting existing furniture to give it new life or, simply adding a few accessories like new cushions.

Let your imagination run wild, be unqiue and take inspiration from the world of fashion! The prints and colours out there are fantastic and if you are having trouble choosing I will be more than happy to help. Call Francesca on 07799885796 or email francesca@crushinteriors.co.uk or go onto crush-cube.co.uk for inspiration.

In the meantime here are a few designs of mine that might stir the ole juices.